Right now, the current poll is about which campaign is the best. I've heard lots of people complaining about how Black Ops's campaign isn't as great as some of the older games. Major changes in the campaign are that the playable characters are openly seen and speaking and there are third person cutscenes. In previous games, all characters were mostly silent and sort of mysterious. Black Ops also involved quite a bit of unrealistic sci-fi, such as brain washing and NOVA-6 (seemed unreal to me). Did this affect anyone's opinions on which campaign is their favorite?

Another thing I've noticed was that Black Ops didn't really have the same connection between the player and characters. Now, this is only my opinion, but when Ghost died in MW2, it was actually sad, but when Woods died in Black Ops, it wasn't as emotional. I'm sure plenty of people feel the same way. So does anyone else feel that Black Ops characters aren't developed as well?

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