I've never come across a game with more useless features in Multiplayer than Advanced Warfare. There are things that are in the game that I've never seen used correctly, or used at all. While we can probably all agree that things like the AMR9 and EPM3 are pretty ass in Core modes, there are some things that even Hardcore can't save in this game.

  • Explosive Drone: This was supposed to replace the Claymore? People just casually stroll past them and nothing happens. As if the loud buzz isn't enough of a warning, it takes 2-3 seconds to explode after. On multiple occasions, I've triggered one in Hardcore mode, and some merciful part of my soul decides to give the user the fantasy satisfaction of getting an Explosive Drone kill, so I stand still. Either it doesn't kill me, or something else kills me first. To this day, I have never been killed by one before.
  • Decontamination Drone: Are these bugged? I've never gotten killed by one, nor gotten a kill from one. They just seem to hover in place, and don't follow enemies at all. I've never felt threatened when the enemy team gets them.
  • Cluster Missile: I feel like they played this Module off a lot in the trailers, since it was like the finale of the live action trailer. In game though, the missiles slowly drift towards the ground at the speed of MAAWS. Pretty easy to evade.
  • Care Package Bomber: I actually think this one is really cool. It's basically an emergency airdrop, but I've actually only seen it used once--by myself after realizing it existed some 7 months after buying the game. Why doesn't anyone use this more?

That's just my take off the top of my head. Do you know how to use these features effectively? What do you think is utterly butt in this game?

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