Kudos to whoever's been making the new stat tables for the weapon pages for supply drop variants. But there's one main thing missing and that's the changes listed in-game, such as the +1 Accuracy, -2 Fire Rate thing you see in the Create-a-Class. The new tables are cool if you're big on the math, but I think it's important to include what it shows in-game too, because it's like a quick reference to see which variant is better than another. All the numbers for ranges and stuff can be confusing for anyone not familiar with the math of CoD (personally, I don't even understand the green numbers, red numbers, and whatnot). And if you're gonna tell me to go change it myself, I can't cause someone took down the original numbers and I don't have a comprehensive list of each variant of each weapon. I used to come to the wiki for that info but now it's all gone.

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