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Hackers. What do I do?

I was playing a ground war team deathmatch on MW2 on PS3. I noticed that three people had this clan tag {@@}. When I scrolled over them it showed Unbound as their clan tag. The match began normally. A few seconds into the match, a message saying Challenges unlocked 10/100 appeared. The number kept increasing, then the match froze and the lobby closed. Then it showed that I had new things in every category, and I was level 70, a 9 level increase from where I was. I checked, and suddenly I had everything unlocked, titles, emblems, weapons, and attachments! I try my best to work for all of my things, so I was wondering. what is the appropiate response to this? Can I fix it? Should I report the people responsible? Any help that can be offered would be appreciated. Blazingsand 04:12, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

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