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  • Bluegear93

    1 thing i really want to see in Modern warfare 3 is the return of MacMillan, such as either Soap and Price find MacMillan somewhere in the Scottish countryside to help them and their meeting ends up with Soap almost being shot by him, or some high power recruits MacMillan to help find them as he showed them how to survive while on the run, either way I want MacMillan back.

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  • Bluegear93

    Black Ops ammo glitch

    November 15, 2010 by Bluegear93

    I found this glitch the other night, I found it on SOG, I started with an M16 then I picked up another M16 the ammo counter reads 30/1023 and when I reloaded after kill an enemy the ammo counter drop for a split second the it shot back up to 30/1023, at first I thought there must be an M16 close by, the when I was standing in an area where there were no M16 I reloaded the same thing happened, so it must be a glitch, this also work with the Commando on the missions SOG, The Defector, Victor Charlie and Crash Site.

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