• Bombwich

    Some tips for Black Ops

    December 8, 2010 by Bombwich

    Well, second blog post. This is for solving common problems which people may have. Lets start:

    1- You often get caught while reloading = Sleigh of Hand/ Dual mags/ get in a safe place and then reload.

    2- Losing at Close Quarters Combat = Aim down in the sight before entering/ Masterkey Shotgun/ Use the knife if you have good reflexes/ Throw a tactical grenade before entering.

    3- Use a Red dot or Reflex Sight on guns who posses bad iron sights. Allows you to have a supressor along with extended mags or rapid fire. A bad iron sight is one who heavily obstructs your view in CQC and makes longshots harder.

    4- The L96A1 with ACOG has the scoping problem (The sway at the first second of scoping for the prevention …

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  • Bombwich

    Hello there! I am Bombwich with my first blog post (I am new to this) and I am going to give you some advice on how to get a Tactical Nuke.

    Many months ago in a far far away galaxy I made a bet with my friends. It was "whoever earns a nuke first, deserves 4 bags of chips" he said. So, it was like a race against time, I had to get one fast. My comrades are quite good at the game, sometimes getting a lucky seven killstreak. I (after 13 rounds without Nuke) decided to search a nice tutorial of how to get one. However, every video I saw was about:

    -Camp in a place where you can easily defend yourself.


    -A guy providing no tips. Only talking about how was his day.

    The problems were that I do not camp and I am against boosters. So, tough luck. I …

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