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Some tips for Black Ops

Bombwich December 8, 2010 User blog:Bombwich

Well, second blog post. This is for solving common problems which people may have. Lets start:

1- You often get caught while reloading = Sleigh of Hand/ Dual mags/ get in a safe place and then reload.

2- Losing at Close Quarters Combat = Aim down in the sight before entering/ Masterkey Shotgun/ Use the knife if you have good reflexes/ Throw a tactical grenade before entering.

3- Use a Red dot or Reflex Sight on guns who posses bad iron sights. Allows you to have a supressor along with extended mags or rapid fire. A bad iron sight is one who heavily obstructs your view in CQC and makes longshots harder.

4- The L96A1 with ACOG has the scoping problem (The sway at the first second of scoping for the prevention of quick-scopes). So inmediately shooting after aiming down the ACOG will result in your bullet ending up anywhere but the center.

5- Silencers sometimes allows you get an 11 killstreak.

6- The Thermal Scope variant of this game (the infrared scope) is actually a good attachment. In Domination it works for taking out those who use a Willy Pete when capturing. Especially for Radiation. I use it with a supressor and works miracles!

7- Running against your enemy to stab him when out of ammo is frowned upon. (Proved after I received a Hate mail)

8- The SR-71 Blackbird can even see those who use Ghost Pro.

9- A tip for the Tactical Insertion is to hide it close to a place to either attack or defend. Works like a checkpoint or like a second chance.

10- Jammers can screw up claymores, C4 and turrets close to them. Consider them when about to attack an objective.

11- After killing an enemy, consider aiming down the sight again just in case an enemy pops up to avenge his friend.

12- The Napalm Strike helps for both attacking and defending an objective. Works 90% of the time.

13- Rolling thunders work miracles in demolition. Use one when attacking the last standing objective, a multi-kill will be guaranteed most of the time.

14- Throw a concussion grenade or flashbang at a flag in Capture the flag to prevent a death by a Claymore.

Just a few tips. Hope they are useful :D

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