I'm sure most of you saw the CoD WW2 multiplayer trailer recently, and I have to say, I'm very disappointed with what I saw. When the first trailer was released I thought this was going to be a historically accurate experience, with no strings attached. But after seeing this new trailer, it's obvious that CoD is trying to push an agenda. To me, it looks like the developers are just checking boxes on the politically correct chart: feminist woman soldiers serving in combat - check and diversity - check.

Now lets get to reality. Why in the world would the trailer focus around a black guy when almost no blacks served in WW2? Look it up, African-Americans were mainly used to simply transport supplies and stuff like that. Barely any saw combat, and for the few that may have, they did so in segregated units. And US woman soldiers? This one has to be a joke. Women in the US military only served behind the front line as nurses and such. They were never used as combat soldiers on the frontlines.

What bullshit. The reason why I've always liked CoD was because they never tried pushed an agenda and revise history. Now that they are, its a real shame.

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