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"Call of Duty: Project Colossus" = Modern Warfare 3? + Micro-transaction Call of Duty for China in the works

Bovell May 9, 2011 User blog:Bovell

Activision Blizzard announced in their quarterly earnings report of a new Call of Duty game, currently under the name of "Project Colossus." Speculation points towards this project being the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3. A teaser made recently by PlayStation Magazine provides some credibility to that belief.

Russian Troops Cliffhanger MW2

Additionally, the project was spotted on a Tesco database with a release date of November 8, placing it in the same window that nearly every Call of Duty has been launched in. The date would place it after the release of a competitor, Battlefield 3, whose developer has had a lot to say about the Call of Duty series.

No further comment was made by Activision.

It has been suggested for a while that an online Call of Duty game in China would surely be a success. It seems that Activision thinks the same.


In their quarterly earnings report, Activision made clear that they are making a "robust investment in forthcoming Call of Duty titles, including a micro-transaction game for China."

The announcement reflects Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's comments on creating a subscription-based Call of Duty game. No additional details were provided, nor a tentative release date.

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