First off, I seem to have taken a liking to teaser websites in the past few years. I don't know how many of you have been following the story of this particular strange viral site, but it just got a lot weirder.

For those of you who don't know, was sent an unmarked package, apparently from somewhere in Maryland, with a USB device. On it was a text file with the following words: Cryptography; Isotope; Philanthropy; Hydrogen; Ember; Rebirth. There was also an audio file on the USB, with a sequence of letters and numbers being read: M O D [sound of 3 chimes] Z Z Z J N Q R Y D 3 F R P. Next came a quote by Julius Caesar, which hinted the use of the Caesar Cipher. The three letters, MOD, and the three chimes indicated a shift of three letters, decrypting the sequence to, "W W W G K N O V A 6 COM."

The site they found featured a TV set with a series of mysterious pictures and background audio.

Things got interesting when it was discovered that the site had a Google Analytics number that has been used by Activision in the past for their sites.

But just recently, the website was updated with a new "transmission." People decided to copy down the new number and letter sequence: M O D 1 9 6 9 – D U G B T R L R F M * G W O X A W D N S N O C * Y X M M *. Deciphered, "CLASSIFIED ANNOUNCEMENT SOMD." is a informational website for Southern Maryland. Going to the site under "Classifieds" > "Announcements" > "PSAs" reveals an announcement by "Eve Reign" with a long lettered code. This code used another cipher, with a keycode of "SPUTNIK." The result when the code was cracked? Some interesting coordinates.

  • 38.951796, -77.146586 – CIA Headquarters
  • 38.744281, -104.846806 – NORAD
  • 32.943889, -106.419444 – White Sands (Missile Complex)
  • 38.89767, -77.03655 – White House
  • 55.751667, 37.617778 – Ivanovskaya ploshchad, Russian Federation

Even more mysterious is the barely audible voice at the beginning of the newest transmission, which someone figured out to be, "On the Lower Rhine and in Westphalia he commanded for the league."

Whatever game this website may be for, the people who designed it sure as hell put a lot of work into making it known.

SOURCE - Movie Viral

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