...that Call of Duty 7 is taking zombies and sci-fi crap too far.

My hope is that the peculiar storytelling in the teaser was an Assassin's Creed approach and nothing more, but once they start bringing out of this world stuff into the regular campaign, I will have lost all interest. I want Treyarch to focus on multiplayer and at the very least a decent campaign; what I don't want is for them to spend their time designing a side-mode with undead creatures that nearly all the DLC will be made for. Variety is awesome, and I'm not saying that Nacht der Untoten was a bad idea, but zombies should be left to L4D. Treyarch has talked about making multiplayer more balanced, so that's what the majority of people will be looking for rather than a copy-paste and a few delete keys.

Thoughts and comments?

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