• Boxhead78

    Nazi zombies A115

    April 12, 2011 by Boxhead78

    Wonder weapons: I think that the ray gun is a really good weapon. The mobility of it is outstanding the weapons shoot deadly plasma beam [Confirmed via computer]. The only thing that the weapon lacks is it's explosive damage. The user can be killed by the beams. Good at mid-long range. The thunder gun is insanely great the only downside is that not all zombies die from the air compressed chambers. The gun also lacks ammo and in the later rounds when zombies mass in numbers 14 shots will not last long. So I recommend that it is only used in times of crisis. The wander waffe DG-2 is in my opion the best out of all the zombie maps. It can kill up to 10 zombies in 1 shot and with 18 can kill 180 zombies. What wonder weapon do you think is theā€¦

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