Hello, Community, I'm using this as a respnse to W567123daniel's, CallofDuty4's and Lonely Nomad's guides to the MG4, MP5k, and L86 LSW. As I'll use a similar rating system.

Basic Facts

Damage - 40 (30 if using Silencer as it reduces damage).

Recoil - Medium to Low, Low with Grip.

Rate of Fire - 700 RPM AKA Average


Grip - (10/10, 2/10 depending on Map) Efficient, almost mandatory on this MG depending on maps as it has generally higher recoil than most weapons but less recoil than the L86, it's good for long range maps like Fuel or Overgrown, but terrible for close range like Rust and Trailer Park.

Red dot Sight - (1/10) Not useful, as Iron sights are not removed, making this attachment almost useless as Iron sights bulk up the sights making usage difficult.

Holographic sight - (1/10) *See red dot sight*

ACOG scope - (7/10) Consider using Bling as This attachment increases the visual and actual recoil of the gun, but also good choice for long range maps as you almost get about as much range as a Sniper.

Thermal scope - (7/10) *See ACOG scope*

FMJ - (5/10) Damage is not increased, but it does increase it's already large bullet Penetration, making it useful if you want to wall bang and get Extended mags.

Extended Mags - (8/10) Puts all your ammo into one Big Magazine, making this attachment a viable option to use with Scavenger or OMA (Preferably One Man army as it is shorter than actual reload to switch class)

Heart Beat sensor - (5/10) Not recommended, considered attachment waste, but can be useful given the situation in S&D, or you're the only person on the team left.

Silencer - (9/10) You're practically invisible on radar. Consider using it often.


Sleight of Hand - (10/10) Very useful, decreases 10 second reload time to 5 seconds, saving valuable time.

Bling - (8/10) Useful, Consider Bling and add on an Attachment with The Grip as the grip is mandatory.

Marathon - (2/10) Almost useless, but provides a speedy getaway if you are caught.

One Man Army - (10/10) Very useful, switching classes with One Man Army is shorter than the RPD's actual reload. So consider using Extended Mags with this and when the mag's empty, switch classes.

Scavenger - (5/10) Only useful if you're hanging back and covering fire with your RPD, Reload time is not decreased. So make sure you have a good backup weapon.

Stopping Power - (10/10) Almost a must, Increases already high damage, which means only a weapon with a higher rate of fire will beat it.

Light Weight - (2/10) *See Marathon*

Cold Blooded - (7/10) Makes an exellent Stealth LMG if used with this, Consider using Bling and Grip with silencer to make a low recoil Stealth LMG.

Hardline - (7/10) Good for racking up early killstreaks if having trouble getting them.

Danger Close - (1/10) Absolute waste of Tier 2 Perk. 'Nuff said.

Steady Aim - (9/10) Cross hairs are REALLY Wide, making this a must.

Sit Rep - (6/10) Can be a life saver in situations with Claymores, and other explesives, also good for Booster Justice classes

Ninja - (9/10) Good, although must be used in conjunction with Cold Blooded to make ultimate Stealth LMG class.

Scrambler - (5/10) Can be used to lure enemies in and get easy kills, though not recommended.

Last Stand - (8/10) Is useful if an enemy catches you off guard, though use a high Powered Pistol like the .44 Magnum or Desert Eagle, or the M93R due to it's burst fire and ease of use.

Post your feed back below the line! Thnkz ^.^

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