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User blog:Braden 0.0/Honestly, what weapons in all of the CoD universe need to be "tweaked"?


Honestly, what weapons in all of the CoD universe need to be "tweaked"?

Question's the same as title, heres my personal list:

  • PPSh-41: Honestly. How can a weapon do less damage than a 9mm round?
  • MP40: I'm sorry, but how can a 9mm do more damage than a 30.-06 round?
  • UMP45: Even though I love this gun, it does need a tone-up on recoil.....
  • SCAR-H: How does this thing do high damage for absolutely the 2nd lowest recoil behind the ACR?
  • F2000: It either get a damage boost+keep recoil, or tone down recoil to [At least] the M4A1 Carbine's.

List yours down below.

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