In response to Callofduty4's blog post, I've decided to make a new one, except focusing on the opposite side, your most favourite weapon out of them all in Modern Warfare 2.....

My favourites are in the top 10:

  • 1 Tie between ACR and AK-47, because the ACR has incredible accuracy and the AK has relatively good accuracy and high damage.
  • 2 UMP45: 'Nuff said.
  • 3 TAR-21: High damage out put AR is pretty good.
  • 4 M16A4: One reason, three round burst w/ Stopping power = Definite kill
  • 5 MG4: Most players think it's a piece of shit, but if you like High accuracy MGs, the MG4 is for you! Like me!
  • 6 FAMAS: gets same treatment as M16A4, but with higher accuracy
  • 7 M4A1 Carbine: Accuracy is less than that of ACR, but I like it!
  • 8 Intervention: Gets alot more 1 hit kills than the Barrett .50 cal.
  • 9 SPAS-12: Higher range than most shotguns except the Models, if you don't use Akimbo at least.
  • 10 Barrett .50 cal: It'll knock your socks off to snipe people!

Now let's hear your top weapons!

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