This is concrete


That is what you peopl
Weapon camo menu digital


e make me want to do. You people need to chill the hell out. I mean goddman do you people seriously think that woodland camo helps you in forest maps and desert helps you in desert maps and concrete dosent look like digital. And the last time i looked at an URBAN AREA it wasn't bright red with splatters of black and white. Tactics do not exist in these games it is people running around in circles and shooting each other in the backs. Therefore each map does not need a "Tactics" section. By the way crawling around on the ground dosent make you invisible even if you are in a your fabled GHILLE SUITS. This might come as a shock to some of you but plants are green... your GHILLE SUITS come in every color but green. The game dosnt piss me off its the people who are crazy about it. All you people who say this is the most realistic war game ever need to stop breathing. War is not fought by people running around and shooting at everything. I enjoy the game but its not the best thing since Jesus.

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