• Brothertim

    I've noticed, as I'm sure others have as well, that people constantly bitch about the things people use as being "nooby". So, I'd like a little clarification as to what YOU think I should be ALLOWED to use? If using the UMP45 is nooby, which weapon do I have permission to use? Below is a list of all the weapons I've have heard are nooby:

    • .44 Magnum - high damage + no recoil
    • G18 - with akimbo + steady aim
    • M93 Raffica - overpowered
    • SPAS-12 - high damage + decent range
    • AA-12 - no skill required
    • Model 1887 - not so much these days
    • RPG-7 - basically a noob-tube with a rocket motor
    • AT4 - same as RPG-7, but at least can hit aircraft
    • FAMAS - overpowered with stopping power
    • SCAR-H - overpowered
    • TAR-21 - ridiculous ROF with no recoil and medium damage
    • FAL - (yes, I…

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  • Brothertim

    Starcraft 2 Players?

    August 10, 2010 by Brothertim

    I'm well aware that this is off-topic. As far as I could tell, in the 35 seconds of searching, there isn't a rule stating that this is forbidden. Besides, I doubt this will make it to the front page and "shame the wiki"...or whatever.

    All I'm really posting this for is to see who here plays Starcraft 2. I just got it last night and I'd like some people to play against that I am familiar with. If you're interested, please post your Character name, your pin, your skill level (honesty here), typical gaming timeframe, and what game modes you like best. I'll start:

    • Brothertim
    • (can't remember my pin. 314 I think, but I'll double-check and update)
    • I'm a complete starcraft noob, but I've played a lot of RTSs (all the Warcrafts, all the C&Cs [ex…

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  • Brothertim

    I figured I'd start a blog about leveling up in MW2.

    What do you use to level up fast? Besides killing people, I've started calling in Care Packages/EADs. Letting my teammates capture them for some bonus XP.

    My killstreaks are set to Care Package, Predator Missile, EAD. Using Hardline.

    Needless to say, 3 kills are EASY to get so I'm calling in a lot of care packages. Then, all you need is one more kill for a Predator, which pretty much guarantees at LEAST one kill. Making the EAD pretty reasonable to get often. You can get about 1000-1500 xp per EAD if your team caps them all. Just make sure you take certain packages for yourself. Like the Chopper Gunner/AC130/Harrier. Everything else will usually get you more xp for letting a team…

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  • Brothertim

    Wikia Badges?

    July 27, 2010 by Brothertim

    Ok, I have been to several different wikia sites. One thing I've noticed is that some of them offer "badges" to their users. Why is it that this website doesn't? Is it because this is an older site, or just something the community doesn't want. I don't care either way, just wondering why some have it and others don't.

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  • Brothertim

    Ok. So. Recently I moved to a new house. I had the cable company come out and hook up my internet and, of course, like any good gamer, I went straight to and checked my speeds. I was averaging speeds of about 9 Mbps download and about .95 Mbps upload. I would post my report image, but this is a work computer. What does everyone else average? I have the 10MB service offered by my provider, which is the best they offer.

    I'm not too concerned with Europe/Asia speeds as I'm WELL AWARE that pretty much every country has better internet than the US.

    Please don't hijack this blog, or I'll delete comments. Probably.

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