I've noticed, as I'm sure others have as well, that people constantly bitch about the things people use as being "nooby". So, I'd like a little clarification as to what YOU think I should be ALLOWED to use? If using the UMP45 is nooby, which weapon do I have permission to use? Below is a list of all the weapons I've have heard are nooby:

  • G18 - with akimbo + steady aim
  • SPAS-12 - high damage + decent range
  • AA-12 - no skill required
  • RPG-7 - basically a noob-tube with a rocket motor
  • AT4 - same as RPG-7, but at least can hit aircraft
  • FAMAS - overpowered with stopping power
  • TAR-21 - ridiculous ROF with no recoil and medium damage
  • FAL - (yes, I've heard the FAL is nooby as well) overpowered with the Holo Sight
  • M16A4 - same as the FAMAS
  • ACR - zero recoil
  • UMP45 - where to begin? low recoil, high damage, long range
  • P90 - high ROF, akimbo + steady aim
  • L86 LSW - high damage, low recoil, long range, huge magazine
  • AUG HBAR - LMG damage in an assault rifle body
  • Semtex - overpowered, compared to the Frag
  • Claymore - basically a free kill when placed properly, no skill needed
  • Knife - overpowered, especially with commando/tac knife

So, with all that. That doesn't really leave someone with much room to use anything. unless, if you like the M4, F2000, AK-47, MP5K, Vector, Mini-Uzi, RPD, MG4, M240, Tac Ins, Blast Shield.

Oh, and perks.

  • Marathon - somewhat overpowered, knifers use it exclusively
  • Scavenger - Killing someone with no ammo remaining will net you ammo, grenades, rockets all at once.
  • Stopping Power - has no counter since people complained about Juggernaut until deletion.
  • Danger Close - overpowered on explosive-only classes...supposedly
  • Commando - overpowered, 5 ft lunge distance

Doesn't leave much. No need to reply to anything, just stating some things I've noticed.

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