I'm not 12, so it's not REALLY "ruining my life", but when I played in 5 different lobbies, the other team did nothing but care package glitch. Most notable was on Karachi, in which the other team had continuous air support as well as about 7 turrets. My team just kept running straight into the grinder and got mowed down. I was the only one running around with cold blooded trying to take them out, all while getting picked off by campers.

All I'm really saying is that the glitch is absolutely destroying this game, and last I heard was that Infinity Ward had no word on this. Until this gets fixed, this game is dead to me.

Also, it's very amusing to me that someone is prestige 1, level 50, and still doesn't know what they are doing.

Anyone else have some amusing stories regarding the assholes that do nothing but glitch?

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