I know this weapon has a bad rep for excessive recoil, but I forced myself to master it (on my quest to master all the weapons) and i learned to kind of like it. It DOES have significant recoil sometimes, but as long as you fire in small bursts, or use a suppressor, you'll be perfectly fine. Who else likes this weapon? If you say "I hate that piece of shit", have you given it a legitimate chance? Like, more than 300 kills? It's not the "best" by any means, but i still like it. It has an uncanny ability to snag headshots better than many other weapons. I understand that it's worse than the TAR-21 on almost all stats except RoF, but i still like it more. Somewhat like the FAMAS and M16A4. For some reason i like the FAMAS better.

Who's with me? Is the F2000 better than people think? Or does it suck balls?

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