I hope Treyarch does something drastic to take their form of CoD in a separate direction from IW's.

I'm thinking if they implement a sort of "Planetside" type combat;

  • you join a continuously contested server (or long combat times, like several hours/days)
  • You chose what your charater will wear (no ghillie suits, unless using a sniper rifle), any weapons you plan on using.
  • Board a Chinook and depart for combat
  • Enter the Fight
  • If you get put in "Last Stand" you can be revived by a teammate (any teammate)
  • If you get killed, you spawn at a nearby support base and get transported back (shorter trip than the chinook ride)
  • If you get sick of combat, just evac to the main base and you're done.
  • Leveling system like in MAG. Where you can specific character builds.
  • Rank system like Planetside, where more advanced players have different looks (remember New Conglomerate? The noobs were blue and the more rank they got the more they turned gold)

Just spitballing some ideas. Do you have any?

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