I like the EMP a lot. I know it doesn't do much kills-wise, but i still love it. What i want to know is this:

What combination of killstreaks are the most effective for achieving the EMP?

Here's what i use now:

  • Harrier
  • AC130/Chopper Gunner (depending on map)
  • EMP (obviously)

It's a tricky situation. 7-kill streak is not too easy for me. (k/d of 1.2). I've tried many types of combinations, involving the predator, the stealth, etc.

I can't find a solid combination for effecient kills. I'd like to start at the Predator if possible, but i need something to bridge the gap to the EMP.

When i use predator, harrier, AC130 i can rack up TONS of kills (last night i went 28-0), but i gotta start early to get that ball rolling and the harrier has a hard time getting me up close to the EMP.

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