I'm well aware that this is off-topic. As far as I could tell, in the 35 seconds of searching, there isn't a rule stating that this is forbidden. Besides, I doubt this will make it to the front page and "shame the wiki"...or whatever.

All I'm really posting this for is to see who here plays Starcraft 2. I just got it last night and I'd like some people to play against that I am familiar with. If you're interested, please post your Character name, your pin, your skill level (honesty here), typical gaming timeframe, and what game modes you like best. I'll start:

  • Brothertim
  • (can't remember my pin. 314 I think, but I'll double-check and update)
  • I'm a complete starcraft noob, but I've played a lot of RTSs (all the Warcrafts, all the C&Cs [except the new one]) so I am getting the hang of it
  • My wife starts school next week, so I will be on fairly often from ~6pm (MDT [Mountain Daylight Time]) till about 9pm
  • I like to play team games vs AI, but I don't mind playing Team pvp matches. FFA is not my thing.

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