I figured I'd start a blog about leveling up in MW2.

What do you use to level up fast? Besides killing people, I've started calling in Care Packages/EADs. Letting my teammates capture them for some bonus XP.

My killstreaks are set to Care Package, Predator Missile, EAD. Using Hardline.

Needless to say, 3 kills are EASY to get so I'm calling in a lot of care packages. Then, all you need is one more kill for a Predator, which pretty much guarantees at LEAST one kill. Making the EAD pretty reasonable to get often. You can get about 1000-1500 xp per EAD if your team caps them all. Just make sure you take certain packages for yourself. Like the Chopper Gunner/AC130/Harrier. Everything else will usually get you more xp for letting a teammate take it than the reward will net you for using it yourself. For example, the EMP, will not net you any points for calling it in (except for destroying enemy air support), but will get you 750xp in a teammate gets it instead.

Please, share your tips/tricks. No boosting tips either, only legit methods (for example: playing Domination with c4 and getting tons of "defender" kills)

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