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What is your favorite loadout in MW2?

Brothertim January 27, 2010 User blog:Brothertim

What is your favorite loadout?Edit

I have been kicking this around for a while, and I am curious what everyone's favorite loadout is. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I am just open to new ideas that i may not have thought about.

Yesterday, I read that someone uses smoke and C4 for a nice little surprise to a room of enemies. Good idea.
Basically, I'm just looking for people to add their favorite weapons and perks and a little information as to why. Also, killstreak rewards are helpful too. I'll go first:

My Favorite

  • UMP45 + Suppressor (although I may start using a sniper rifle to make use of the ghille suit.
  • USP45 + Tactical Knife (I use the usp because I�unlocked it first, I hardly ever fire it anyway)
  • Claymore + Flashbang (I use the claymore because it comes in very handy behind enemy lines, and the flashbang because the duration is ridiculous) -I've also tried out the Tac Insertion, but it's limited on usage in many situations.
  • Marathon (obviously for covering long distances)
  • Cold Blooded (to keep off radar and out of thermals)
  • Ninja (commando might seem a good idea, but being immune to heartbeat sensors and less noticable to sitrep pro users is wonderful)
  • Final Stand (because sometimes you actually can get back up)


This is my first time trying to make a page, so please forgive my errors!

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