Pretty self-explanitory. If you own one, what do you name it (if anything). If you don't, what would you name it?

I'll give some examples of what I mean, just to get the ball rolling:

  • I do actually own a GSG5-PK, that I name "Illusion" because that bitch is much heavier than she looks.

  • If I owned a Barrett, or any other large-bore rifle;
"Mjolnir", because it's the Hammer of the Thunder God.
"Judge", because it hands out punishment, and you wouldn't want to be on the recieving end.
"Storm", because (like normal storms) the lightning strikes long before you hear the thunder behind it.

  • If I owned an AK47;
"Rattle Can" because it is made with high tolerances in order to prevent jamming, hence it rattles.

  • If I had a .50 AE Desert Eagle;
"Snowflake", just because.
"Hole Punch", obvious reasons.

Ok, now it's your turn. If you don't name your firearms, that's cool, see if you can still come up with some good ones.

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