Who are the complainers that bitched about Juggernaut users but not about Stopping Power (because according to IW that's why they didn't include it)? To me, they are equal. "Oh, I can't kill people fast enough, I need a damage boost". When reversed, it is "I die too much, i need some extra health"

What's the difference, if anything SP does far more than JN does. In 5 seconds you can dominate several players, but with juggernaut you can only take an extra bullet, then you gotta wait 5 seconds for the damage to wear off.

I'm not saying that Juggernaut should be in game, but based on what i've seen, they are both equally noobish and if one is going to remain in game, why not the other? Painkiller isn't the same thing. If anything, SP should be a deathstreak too. If you want to kill people in one shot, play HC.

Just saying.

Obviously, I feel it's either both or none. What's everyone else's opinions on this matter?

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