Why doesn't IW include external ballistics in long-range sniping?

Everyone who knows even a little about shooting rifles will know that bullets will drop. Usually a lot over long ranges. What reasons would IW have to not include this. OR, at least have bullet delay. Bullets can only travel so fast, why not include that?

Now, I understand that they want snipers to be able to get as many kills as anyone else, so why not make sniper rifles more powerful? A silencer shouldn't make you need two torso/headshots, especially from a .50 BMG, or .408 CheyTac, that's all I'm saying. Why not make it a little challenging to snipe. It's unbelievably easy to go at LEAST 15-2 on Wasteland with a WA2000 and Cold Blooded. I'm just saying that it would be more challenging and fun to have to take range into account. That's the ONE THING that I liked about BF:Bad Company; sniping took some skill.

Now, this isn't a rant, just a question as to why they exclude it.

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