• Bumbleebee101

    Picture says it all and I video analysing it which in the side watch it if you want to :) (and sorry for re-post kinda new to the site)

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  • Bumbleebee101

    All of these things that I saw in the trailer their some of the are probably in the wiki but I just want to let you guys know :)

    RC Bomb - Remote controlable car and it looks like it has a c4 attached to it that you can detonate - 3 Killstreak

    MP5k - You can see it when before the player picks up the camera spike

    Commado - The gun the player was using and it seems that his red dot sight has a smile face in the middle if you look closely and obviously when the player reloads he has a smiley face patch in his gun :) and a compressor which means most probably means bling is back or something like bling

    Ark Angel - Thats what I'm gonna call it because thats what i heard :) it looks like this kill streak is like the predator missile but you can fu…

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