• BurnerMeen

    I am assuming MW3 (if it will be that) will have the same set-up as MW2 with weapons:

    • Rifles
    • LMG
    • Snipers
    • SMG
    • something

    • Shotguns
    • Handguns
    • Machine Pistols
    • Launchers
    • something else

    • grenade replacemnts and grenades

    • generally nonlethal grenades

    Now, my view point is anything that is considered a full-sized shotgun (spas-12, olympia etc) they should be in the primary slot. One should not be able to start out with an assault rifle and a full-sized shotty, either choose the AR, or the shotty, not both (unless Overkill is brought back). However, if the shotgun is small, concealable, and short ranged (Ranger) then it should be in the secondary slot, because it is not a full-sized weapon.

    Now to enact balance. I say for the secondaries, shotguns have akimbo, speed…

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  • BurnerMeen

    I doubt any kids are actually going to say that they are 7-12, but I would just like to know:

    How many kids have you met in the past week?

    Me, personally? 3-that's three too many.

    The age rating on the game is there for a reason, Yes, the commercials may make it look awesome, and I understand that sometimes the kid actually is old enough, and that their voice just hasn't "grown in yet," but if you actually are under 17, leave this game alone. None of the younger population (damn i'm old for 18) actually know what combat is like, even I don't, but I saw footage from the Vietnam war, and it freaked me out. @Those of you who have seen Saving Private Ryan, the intro was just like the what I saw. I was pumped, excited to join the military, until t…

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