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World War 2 Fan-Fiction

CAPace1 September 5, 2010 User blog:CAPace1

[edit] World War 2 Fan-fictionEdit

I'll be writing a fan-fiction of WW2. Other have had good ideas, so I hope I can use some of them. It is in the European theater, 101st Airborne, unless you guys suggest otherwise

[edit] Character suggestionEdit


Nickname(optional as always)

Weapons(keep it simple please)

Short Bio(optional)

Suggestion of Rank

Weapon(remember World War 2 guys)

Age ==

[edit] My character ==


Weapons:M1A1 Thompson

Bio: Growing up as a common thief in the backstreets of Dietrot, Wheeler can be one of two places in his life right now, on death row or in Europe fighting the enemy. Proud of many things, his desent, his Americanship, and being a good soldier. All he wants is to see his girl back home, though.....

Suggestion of Rank: Staff Sergeant


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