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  • CODcassie718

    Hopefully not of a characters face but like an emblem or something. I've always thought the Task Force 141 emblem would make a kickass tattoo.

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  • CODcassie718

    I played COD so much...

    February 20, 2010 by CODcassie718

    That I think I'm in love with lie..

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  • CODcassie718

    Hello all..

    February 18, 2010 by CODcassie718

    Well, I'm new to this..the blog I mean. I am pretty much obsessed with Call of Duty although a few years ago I was too afraid to play war games. I should also mention that I have an obsession with Soap. I'm not able to play much because I'm up at my dorm most of the time and I have to keep my PS3 at home for my little sister (who is a level 40-something). I'm here to learn some new things and hopefully help other people out at the same time.

    I've been thinking about joining the military ever since I've been in high school. I was in Air Force JROTC, my dad was a Marine and my uncle is serving in Afghanistan right now so I kinda have military blood flowing through me. By the way, you guys can add my PSN (if you're not a creep): cassie66…

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