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I AM V, I started a new account since me and some people are making custom zombie maps, so we found it would be more convenient to have our name as the account name. Some of these Perk-A-Colas will be featured in our custom maps.


If you have a Perk-A-Cola idea, post it in the comment section with the required data below. If we like the idea, find it necessary, and not game-modifying or over-powered, we'll make it and possibly include it in our next zombie map. Your name will also be included in the name description to give credit.

  • Name of the Perk-A-Cola-(could be altered or changed)
  • Effects---------------------------(could be altered or changed)
  • Price------------------------------(could be altered or changed)
  • Colors[optional]---------------(could be altered or changed)

Burly Brew

Burly Brew
Burly Brew
Appears in Call of Duty: World at War PC Mods only
Status Perk-A-Cola bottle chalk outline

Burly Brew is a [custom] Perk-A-Cola inspired by the cut Ascension perk, Tufbrew. It includes effects from the following Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer perks: Hardened (Pro), Lightweight, and Marathon. This perk enables the player to run faster and longer, flinch less when struck by a zombie, and run through a surrounding horde of zombies-much like the Adrenaline Shot in Left 4 Dead 2. It also allows the player to walk and run through water with ease- however this feature will only be avaiable in maps with water or mud. This Perk-A-Cola should be an essential for all players, as commonly the end of a zombie game is caused by a player getting cornered or surrounded. This Perk-A-Cola's color scheme is brown, light brown, and white. The perk will be a dark beer color, and taste like beer as well, but it has gone flat. Since the perk is very helpful and can be life-saving, it will be reasonably priced at 3000 points. The perk's icon is an edited Extreme Conditioning icon from Call of Duty: World at War.

No-Nova Soda

No-Nova Soda

No-Nova Soda Logo

No-Nova Soda is a [custom] Perk-A-Cola that mirrors the multiplayer perk Tactical Mask in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and/or Gas Mask in Call of Duty: World at War. The Perk-A-Cola reduces effects from the Nova Six crawlers, such as reduced damage when one explodes, and reduced disorientation from the gas itself. It also makes the gas translucent, enabling the players to see what is past the green fog, thus letting them to navigate through the [otherwise] blinding fog, and allows them to see powerups or zombies. This Perk-A-Cola will come in great use for people who use the "Running Around" strategy in Kino der Toten, for crawler zombies are often getting in their way, disorienting them, and occaisionally getting them downed. This perk will only be featured in Kino der Toten, Five, and Moon, as these are the only [official] maps will Nova 6 crawlers. Some of our custom maps may include them as well. The perk's color scheme would consist of green, gold-brown, and white. The drink would be a light murky green, as if the perk itself was the gas, and tastes like plastic. Since the perk is helpful, but not necessarily essential to survival, it will be priced at 1500 points. The icon is the Gas Mask perk icon from Call of Duty: World at War, but green.


Hardlimonade- Hardline Soda

Hardine Soda

Hardline Soda Logo

Hardlimonade, or Hardline Soda, is a [custom] Perk-A-Cola that has the name of the Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2-3 multiplayer perk, but does not share the same effects (earlier killstreaks). Instead, when the player drinks this Perk-A-Cola, any purchasable weapons, items, and/or utilities, excuding the Pack-A-Punch, will be reduced by 25%. This Perk-A-Cola will come in great use for players who aren't the best with spending points, or die often, costing them many points. This perk's color scheme consists of a bright yellow with a dark, yellow-orange in the center. The perk itself would also be bright yellow, and taste like poorly sugared lemonade. This Perk-A-Cola is not really essential or helpful to surviving- but since effects can be game modifying, it would cost 2750 points. The icon is a dollar sign surrounded in yellow-orange, to distinguish it from a Fire Sale in the HUD.

Fuse Booze

Fuse Booze

Fuse Booze Logo

Fuse Booze is a [custom] Perk-A-Cola with the same effects as Fireworks from Call of Duty: World at War, Sonic Boom from Modern Warfare, or Danger Close from Modern Warfare 2. The perk increases explosive damage by 30%, and Monkey Bomb detonation time, as well as Crossbow bolts (upgraded or not) detonation time by 25%. The increased time will draw more zombies, and the increased explosive damage will kill more of the zombies, and cause greater damage to the ones that survived. However, this perk has a negative effect; it will be more difficult to create crawlers. But excluding it's one negative effect, it will help the players with explosives quite a bit, and come in great use if a player is downed. When a Monkey Bomb is thrown to revive a team mate, it will take longer to detonate, giving the revived player and the reviver a few extra seconds to get away. The color scheme is red, gold, yellow, and a bit of white. The perk is scarlett color and tastes like smokey whiskey. The perk will cost 2500 since it increases damage, and will help the players in killing zombies. The icon is an unedited Call of Duty: World at War perk icon of Fireworks



Martyrni Logo

Martyrni Light is a perk that slightly resembles the Final Stand deathstreak and Last Stand Pro on Modern Warfare 2 (and Black Ops), and the Black Ops Perk-A-Cola, PhD Flopper. It's effects are quite helpful; when the drinker is downed, he will set off an explosion similar to PhD Flopper's. It will enable the player to throw grenades and special grenades when down, assisting his team mates. If the player is not revived and dies, he will drop four grenades and three special grenades, regardless of whether he used all of them while downed. This perk is quite useful to players who tend to get downed alot, or cannot afford Juggernog after getting downed. It will also assist the other players; now when the player is downed, rather than it being an inconvenience, many zombies are eliminated by his explosions, and the player can now assist his reviver, The perk's color scheme is a dark-deep pink, black, and white. The perk will taste like a Martini and some sort of smokey taste. It costs a mere 1500 points, since it's effects aren't of use until downed. The icon is a martini glass with a grenade, like an olive- however I will soon be replacing it with the World at War Martyrdom icon, with the color scheme.



Blade-O-Rade Drink Logo

Blade-O-Rade is a perk that is a bit like the multiplayer perk Commando from Modern Warfare 2. This perk increases melee range, radius, and damage by 25%. The increases range will allow the player to slash or stab a zombies and not get too close and risk getting downed, although it can happen. The increased radius enables the player to kill multiple zombies with one slash (up to 5 per slash, this will obviously get harder as the rounds progress), and the increased damage is self-explanatory. This Per-A-Cola increases Ballistic Knive's damage by 25% as well. This perk will come in most use when the player runs out of ammunition, for he can now defend himself much better with the default or Bowie Knife. This Perk-A-Cola's color scheme is a pale yellow and a dull blue. The drink is a dull blue as well and tastes like overly cafinated energy drink. The name itself is a joke on Gatorade. this perk will cost 2500 points, since it is quite helpful to survival. The icon is a simply a knife.



Reconnai-Shake Logo

Reconnai-Shake is a perk that mostly ressembles Reconnaissance multiplayer perk from Call of Duty: World at War. This Perk-A-Cola grants the player a mini map that displays the locations of other Perk-A-Colas, traps, doors, weapons, and your team mate's locations. It will also show whereabouts of any boss zombies, such as Hellhounds, George A. Romero, or Space Monkeys (as well as our custom bosses), but no regular ones, as this would cause over-crowding in the mini-map which would block off anything else that would originally show up on the radar. This perk will help players new to maps, or players who simply like situational awareness. The perk's color scheme is dark green, yellow, and pale yellow. The drink itself is also a dark green, but ironically tastes like carrots- since they help your eyes, yet the color of the drink does not support the flavor. The perk will cost 1000 points because it is useful to the game play, but innaffective towards fighting the zombie horde. The icon is the unedited Reconnaissance icon. I am thinking of re-doing the Perk-A-Cola, making it orange as to support the carrot flavor.

Downer's Delight

Downer's Delight Soda

Downer's Delight Logo

Downer's Delight is a perk that was inspired by the Modern Warfare 2 deathstreak, Final Stand. This Perk-A-Cola allows the player to have a non-pistol weapon out when downed, the ability to cycle weapons when downed, and grants him ten more seconds before dying. This perk will come in great use for players in high rounds, or for when team mates cannot reach the drinker in a regular bleed-out time (this has happenned to me and my friends so many times). The color scheme is a light green-teal. The perk is the same color as the primary color and tastes like assorted vitamins. Since this Perk-A-Cola can be life-saving, it will cost 2500 points to purchase. The icon is a person that is downed holding a PM63.

Flash-Back Float

Flash Back Float

Flashback Float

(Idea: Justiin Cas3) Flashback Float is a perk that can only be slightly related to the Modern Warfare 2 Copycat deathstreak. When purchased, nothing will really happen- it is upon death when the effects kick in. When the player is downed or dies and if the players make it to the next round, the player will respawn with a weapon and a Perk-A-Cola from before he died. However if he was downed and revived, he will keep only a Perk-A-Cola (it cannot be Flash-Back Float again). When he spawns (if death did occur) or gets revived, the salvaged Perk-A-Cola will be flashing as if it was getting stolen by Space Monkeys in Ascension. The player must run to that Perk-A-Cola and drink it again (for free) before it goes away. This perk will come in use for players who get downed often or die often. The perk's color scheme is orange, yellow, and white. The perk itself is a dark orange color, the the bottle is foaming over. This perk will cause 3000 points, since it can be life saving. The icon is a clock.

Removed Perk-A-Colas

Repel Root-Beer

  • Effects: Sends away zombies for ten seconds from a D-Pad option
  • Removed: Modified game play too much

Quick-Killer Coffee

  • Effects: Preform several actions faster
  • Removed: Effects too similar to Speed Cola, although Speed Cola did not offer some of Coffee's effects

Shell-Shock Shot

  • Effects: Absorbs explosive and splash damage
  • Removed: PhD Flopper does the same thing and more

Survivor Soda

  • Effects: Carry three weapons
  • Removed: Tre Arch accepted it- no use to show anymore
  • Removed: The name is going to be recycled for a "Bandolier" style perk

Scavenger Soda

  • Effects: 50% more ammuntion- resupply every 100 kills
  • Removed: Resupplying cancelled out Max Ammo, modifying the survival aspect.
  • Removed: The 50% more ammo will be recycled into the new Survivor Soda

Deadly Dew

  • Effects: Increased explosive and bullet damage
  • Removed: Pack-A-Punch increases bullet damage
  • Removed: Fuse Booze increases explosive damage

Bling Brew

  • Effects: Weapons are granted an attachment
  • Removed: Pack-A-Punch already grants the player an attachment.


  • Effects: Teleports you throughout the map via tactical insertions.
  • Removed: Modified the gameplay too much.

Savior Soda

  • Effects: Allows you to save your perks when downed, and one if you died.
  • Removed: Recent easter-eggs grant this ability.

Animal Control

  • Effects: Distract Hell Hounds with an option on the D-Pad and reduced damage
  • Removed: Can only be used every 5-6 rounds, D-Pad option was too game-modifying, and the reduced Hell Hound damage can be offered by Juggernog.