Shi No Shiro
Previous level None
Next level Numa No Unga
Game Call of Duty: World at War (PC)
Character Jonathan Smith, Ryzkov Rajnivski, Shanhai Narasimha and Gewinch Hauzenkreiten
Team Marine Raiders, Imperial Japanese Army, Soviet Armed Forces, German Military
Place Narasimha Castle
Date 1944
Objective Survive for as long as possible against limitless waves of zombies
Enemies Imperial Zombies and 115amurai
Console codename nazi_zombie_castle
Multiplayer map Castle
Campaign level Breaking Point

"Japanese Castle. Untold eastern luxuries and secrets. Hundreds of undead Imperial Japanese Army. Choose your strategy and defend the Narasimha Castle!" -Map Description

Shi No Shiro (Castle of Death) is a [custom] zombie map available for the PC version of Call of Duty: World at War. This is the first level in our Japanese maps, and the first to include Imperial Zombies. It is also the first to include a zipline, two in fact. It takes place in Narasimha Castle.


Shi No Shiro introduces our custom characters: Jonathan Smith, Ryzkov Pajnivski, Shanhai Narasimha, and Gewinch Hauzenkrieten. It is also the first and only map to use the zipline so far. It is the largest custom map we have made so far. It also introduces the Reservoir Trap to our custom zombie maps. It takes place at night, and it is raining. It is based off the multiplayer map Castle. The castle belongs to the Narasimha Family.

Shi No Shiro introduces our first custom boss, the 115amurai. His approach is signalled by the atmosphere turning red, and oriental music playing (stops when he spawns). He is a well-armored samurai that is wielding a katana in each hand. His hits are 50% stronger than a regular zombie's, making it two hits to down a player- three if he has Juggernog. He has about two-fifths of George A. Romero's health, so he requires all of the player's firepower to kill. His death is awarded with a Max Ammo, and if no players were downed, a Random Perk Bottle as well.

The mystery box spawns in the same room every time; the Top Dojo Room. This room can only be accessed via zipline. When the zipline is used, gates in the spawn open, allowing the players to exit and enter the room through the Dojo (spawn room). After the box is used eight times, it then shifts to another location. It can move to any room. There is no power switch in this map, so the Perk-A-Colas and traps can be activated when the door to it is baught. Since we used the same coding as Shi No Numa's, the Perk-A-Colas spawn randomly when a door is bought- except for Quick Revive and Deadshot Daiquiri.

Unique Features

  • Dismounted Type 92 turret on the wall
  • Signal flares- these distract the zombies, much like Monkey Bombs, but cause the zombies no harm unless you hit them with the flare. Once the flare goes out, the zombies return to attempting to kill you.
  • Tabun Gas- rather than confusing or disorienting zombies, any zombie that comes in contact with the gas will run around killing other zombies. It takes two hits for a zombie to kill another zombies, like a player without Juggernog. Multiple zombies can go on a betrayal rampage at once. You get no points for this. The gas can and will disorient you and your team mates if they come in contact with the gas.
  • Two ziplines
  • Weapons with attachments available on the walls
  • The Reservoir Trap
  • Custom Perk-A-Colas
  • Mounted Turrets (Type 92s)
  • Location Corresponding weapons (all Japanese guns on the walls)


Shi No Shiro includes seven buyable areas and rooms. Each room includes a randomly-spawning Perk-A-Cola and an off-wall weapon, and about three or more zombie barricades, with the acception of the main stairs.

Dojo + Storage Area (Spawn Room)

The Dojo is the spawn room of the map that also includes the Storage Area and the corridor leading to it. There are two exits and four barriers- one in the Dojo, one on the left walkway outside of the Dojo, one in the right wall of the Corridor, and another in the Storage Area. The exits are the door way next to the Storage area, and the exit from the Dojo to the Courtyard. There is also a one-way buyable door from the main stairs to the Dojo, and a Zipline-activated gate that leads up to the Top Room. In the Dojo, a Nambu(dealing the same ammount of ammunition and damage as the Gewehr 43) is available for 600 points, and an Arisaka in the Storage Area for 300 points, where a Perk-A-Cola randomly spawns as well (can not be Juggernog). Quick Revive is also available outside of the Dojo for 1500 points. Each exit costs 750 points.

Courtyard (750 points)

The courtyard is the left exit from the spawn room. In the courtyard there are three barriers: one in the door way to the stairs that least to the top room, and one in each entrance to the shrine. A Type 99 is available for purchase on one of the rock walls for 1000 points. A zipline (1500 points) leading to the Top Room of the dojo is also available. A perk randomly spawn by the shrine.

East Castle (1000 points)

The east castle is the third purchasable area from the left side of the spawn room, and has four barriers. One in the stairs leading from outside to the castle, one in the doorway leading to the South Courtyard, on in the doorway down the hallway, and one in the storage room, where a random perk spawn as well. Bouncing betties are available for purchase in the hallway for 1250 points. Also in the hallway, there is a mounted Type 92, free to use and aiming at the zombie's spawn. There is also a zipline dock; the zipline is in the storage room in the opposite side of the south courtyard. There is also an optional purchasable door leading to the Watch Tower. A Trench Gun is available for 1500 points. The trench gun is the only American weapon available for purchase on this map.

Watch Tower (1500 points)

This is an optional door. There is nothing in the room but a Arisaka with a Sniper Scope for 1300 points, a custom made version of Deadshot Daiquiri that offers the same effect as Iron Lungs and Steady Aim for 1500 points. There are also signal flares for 500 points. The players get a great vantage point over the cherry blossom steps and the south courtyard, where the zombies spawn. But be warned, this is the ideal spot to get trapped or cornered; not a good spot for solo.

West Walls (750 points)

This is the spawn room exit near the Storage Area. It has three barriers as well; on in the arch leading outside of the [multiplayer] map, on in the lower walls, and on in the downstairs building. In this area the players get a great shooting point at the cherry blossom steps, where most of the zombies spawn. A Perk-A-Cola randomly spawns in the downstairs building, where the Type 100 is also available for 750 points. There is also a free mounted Type 92 aiming at the zombie's spawn.

Storage Building (1250 points)

The storage building holds three barriers, the second zipline, and a bridge with the Reservoir Trap. The first barrier is over on the right side of the buidling, the next in the building, and the last in the arch leading out of the cherry blossom steps. Zombies can also climb over and onto the bridge without breaking any barriers. A Perk-A-Cola randomly spawns in the building. The zipline leading to the East Castle costs 1500 points. The Type 92 is also available for 1500 points.

Main Stairs (1500 points)

This area is entered by clearing the debri on the bridge. A random Perk-A-Cola spawns in a corner left of the stairs. There is, however, only one barrier in this area, but is the central area, so many zombies flood in. There are two one-way buyable doors to the Dojo and Courtyard here for 2000 points each. There are Satchel Charges available for purchase on the East Castle wall for 1000 points.

Dojo-Top Room (Accessed by Zipline, 1500 points)

This room is accessed by the zipline, and has only one barrier, a good vantage point to the south courtyard and Main Stairs, and the Mystery Box for 950 points. The gate blocking the upstairs in the spawn will open after the zipline's use, but this will allow much more zombies to enter. The zombies can also jump up to the room from the zipline openning. A Perk-A-Cola randomly spawn here as well.


All of the off-wall weapons are Japanese, or used by the Imperial Japanese Army, excluding the Trench Gun, satchel charges, and the bouncing betties. The mystery box includes all the weapons in Call of Duty: World at War as well as most of the Call of Duty 4 weapons.

Off-Wall Weapons

Mystery Box Weapons (950 points)


This map has nine Perk-A-Colas available for purchase. They randomly generate in every buyable area, excluding Quick Revive and Deadshot Daiquiri-these spawn in the same spot every time. There are five custom made Perk-A-Colas. These have no machines, just a chalk outline of a bottle. The four original Perk-A-Colas will not be displayed below.

  • (3000 points) Burly Brew: Flinch less when hit, run through zombies and water with ease.
  • (3000 points) Survivor Soda: Hold 50% more ammo.
  • (1500 points) Deadshot Daiquiri: Iron Lungs and Steady Aim.
  • (1000 points) Reconnai-Shake: Grants the player a mini-map
  • (1000 points) PhD Flopper: No explosions, but no splash or explosive damage will be taken.

Easter Eggs

Muscial Easter-Egg

This map includes a musical easter egg that is activated by knifiing three radios. The song is Kung Fu King by Chrispy. The song last six minutes. The locations of the radios are:

  • Spawn Room, to the right of the Nambu on a table
  • Watch Tower, back wall on the ground
  • Top Dojo Room, to the right of the box on the statues


This map contains two radios. That can be activated by holding "F" on them. They don't really mean alot, but they are nice to find. The radios are:

  • Storage Room: Doctor Gewinch Hauzenkrieten can be heard saying stuff, but you cannot understand him.
  • Courtyard: Gunshots and screaming can be heard.


The map contains two important documents. You can read them, but it is difficult unless you have a weapon equipped with a Sniper Scope. The messeges and locations are displayed below:

  • Document 1-storage room in East Castle: (There are blood stains on the page, the only legible messege is) "September 14, 1944-Gewinch Hauzenkrieten along with H. Porter, Edward Richtofen, a(and)*blood*eted(completed) the Phoenix FTW-3. Gewinch has also invented a Nuke Launcher, it's whereabouts are unknown. We fear he has gotten too attached to his test subjects, so we are not entirely *blood puddle covers the rest of the paper*. . ." This document shows that H. Porter, inventer of the second ray gun, and Richtofhen assisted in the making of the Phoenix FTW-3, as well as a mysterious fourth engineer who's name is blocked off with blood. It also shows that the workers at Group 935 are beginning to lose trust in Hauzenkrieten.
  • Document 2-Spawn Room; Dojo: (Written by Gewinch Hauzenkrieten): " November 20 1944-I managed to escape Der Riese, and salvage my Nuke Launcher and Group 935's Phoenix FTW-3. It appears Rictofen could not be trusted as Maxis foretold. While we were escaping, I discovered that one of my subjects, S-ML357r, is royalty in Japan. He then led me, P-a55H01 and TS-AdC7 to his Castle in Japan. However, it appears that an Ununpentium meteor has landed in Japan as well, so we may encounter..." Writing stops.

Wonder Weapons

This map features seven wonder weapons: Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2, Monkey Bombs, and our own custom ones as well- the Phoenix FTW-3, a custom-made version of the Scavenger, the Nuke Launcher, and the RRR-12. Like traditional zombie maps, these weapons are only available through the mystery box. The custom made weapons are located on our blog.


  • There are Teddy Bears and bloody paw prints scattered throughout the map.
  • The 115amurai can be eliminated with just two blasts of the Phoenix FTW-3, five seconds of continuous shooting from the RRR-12, one blast from the Wunderwaffe DG-2, a full mag of the Ray Gun, and one projectile from the Nuke Launcher and/or Scavenger.
  • Musical Easter Egg:
  • Many of the battle scenery such as sand bags or unusable ammunition has been removed
  • Battle scarred structures like the West Walls and the building downstairs of them have been repaired.
  • Weapons with bipods can be deployed on zombie barriers and a variety of ledges.
  • All of the weapons excluding the Arisaka, Type 100, M1911, Trench Gun, and any box weapon cannot be Pack-A-Punched, so when they come out of the machine they are only granted an attachment and a name change.
  • When these Call of Duty 4 weapons are Pack-A-Punched, they recieve Gold camouflage along with the attachment and name change: Dragunov, AK-47, M1014, Mini Uzi, and M60E4
  • Other upgraded Call of Duty 4 weapons recieve Blue Tiger camouflage.
  • The custom Perk-A-Colas use recycled Bottle Models- Burly Brew uses Double Tap Root Beer, and Survivor Soda uses Quick Revive.
  • When Burly Brew is drunken, the player recieves a brown Extreme Conditioning icon in his HUD
  • When Survivor Soda is drunken, the player recieves a blue and white Bandolier icon in his HUD
  • When Deadshot Daiquiri is drunken, a black and white Iron Lungs icon appears in his HUD
  • When Reconnai-Shake is drunken, the Reconnaissance icon appears in his HUD
  • When "PhD Flopper" is drunken, the Flak Jacket icon appears in his HUD

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