Call of duty noob

aka Josh

  • I live in my basement sometimes upstairs
  • My occupation is Gamer and Cashier
  • I am male
  • Call of duty noob

     *The HBRA3 is a fucking beast this bitch never lets me down 

    • The AK-12 is second best don,t listen to that low damage shit just don,t use it in Exo survival 
    • The IMR reminds me of a printer 
    • The ARX downright sucks 
    • TAC 19 is the only good shotgun 
    • the ATLAS 20mm is basicly a sniper rocket launcher
    • RW1 is a mini MORS 
    • the ASM1 is the DAMN Best 
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  • Call of duty noob
    • assault rifles 
    1. ARX 160 with foregrip mussle break and extended mags
    2. AK-12 some version of a AK-47
    3. Remington R5 
    4. SC 2010
    • SMGS
    1. MTAR X don,t know if it even counts as a SMG 
    2. Vector CRB
    3. CBJ MS
    • Shotguns 
    1. Tac 12 
    2. FP5 
    • LMGS
    1. LSAT 
    2. CHAIN SAW  
    3. Ameil 
    • Snipers 
    1. Lynz
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