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Project Icebreaker -the name sounds like a codename for a new game- is the codename for an internal investigation of Activision. This internal investigation occurred several months before the release of Modern Warfare 2 and was launched in response to Jason West and Vince Zampella, the founders of Infinity Ward. According to the lawyer of West and Zampella, this is not the first time that an internal investigation was started targeting Infinity Ward's founders.

The goal of Project Icebreaker was to improve the relationship between Infinity Ward and Activision, but there were also plans in the event that negative information would be found. Thomas Fenady, former IT Director at Activision, received from the Legal Department instructions to commence a secret investigation of West and Zampella. He was to break into the computers of West and Zampella to and track their email. He was also to give their voicemail to Activision.

Fenady was to do all of this without being caught and not worry about the consequences. He was not asked specifically to look for incriminating evidence. He asked Microsoft for help breaking into their computers, but Microsoft wouldn't help without a court order. Fenady was unable to access the computers.


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