In a rather interesting turn of events, the most recent news on Activision's various lawsuit dilemmas is encouraging - EA and Activision have decided to put their dispute over EA interfering in Call of Duty's development behind them.

This comes just after Activision have found themselves deeper in lawsuits, with NovaLogic claiming copyright infringement on one of their logo designs, and Activision paying out 42 million to former IW developers over unpaid royalties. This settlement removes EA from a possible trial where Activision would claim several hundred million dollars from them in damages.

It must be noted though that this is just one of the several lawsuits that Activision has on their hands. The most well-known and arguably most important one, West and Zampella vs. Activision, is still going ahead, and unfortunately it seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

Sources: Activision and EA Settle Case Over Call of Duty - Kotaku
Activision settles with EA over Call of Duty Legal Battle - Attack of the Fanboy

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