Black Ops needs a lot of tweaking if it's going to be top of the league. Since day 1 it's been plagued with problems. The connection issues shortly after launch were ridiculous. On PS3 75% of games you joined either timed out, or kicked you out with a "Transmission error", which made the first day of playing this game not fun at all. Connections now are improved, but nowhere near the standard of MW2 or CoD4. Connection issues are a major flaw in this game and are holding this game's potential back.

The next main issue is the balance of this game. There isn't much. If you want a game with good balance, play CoD4, because you wont find good balance here. The Famas and AK47 both kill in the same amount of shots. The difference between the two is that the Famas fires faster and has less recoil. This means that the Famas is obviously better than the Galil. Some people argue that the Famas uses up ammo faster, that's true, but the whole problem is mitigated when Scavenger is used. A lot of people also complain about the Ak74u. While its extremely powerful up close, don't expect to get kills with it from across the map. It's definitely not as overpowered as the Famas. On the subject of the Famas, the AUG is actually the same gun pretty much, so that's another gun which is overpowered, so if Treyarch are going to nerf the Famas, the AUG needs to be nerfed as well.

Another main issue are some perks. Ghost is unbalanced without stopping power and juggernaut to keep it in check. At this time Ghost users gain a stupidly powerful advantage over everyone else, as there are no damage-altering perks to counter their ability to sneak up and potentially get a shot in earlier than you. The other overpowered perk is second chance. There is nothing to counter second chance, at all. Also, the counter argument "aim for the head" is pointless, and it's implying that the person saying that has perfect aim, so don't say it and expect to not be regarded as a dick. The other counter argument "it's not hard to shoot them again" is also pointless, most of the times I've been killed by someone in second chance was due to the fact I was reloading, so how can I pull off another shot?

The RCXD killstreak is also stupid. It's a 3 KS with the potential to multikill. In MW2 that was a 5 KS. In CoD4 that was a 5KS. In WaW it was a 5KS. Why is it a 3 KS in this game?

Single Player

Pretty decent. Very original story. Pity it was stupidly short. Major problem with people worshipping characters who did pretty much ziltch, like Reznov.


Average. Same old, same old. Kino Der Toten is simply put - not as good as Der Riese. Five is rubbish because it's too hard (I don't care what you think about my skill, it's hard). Ascension looks alright, but I have a month to analyse it. Not expecting amazing things.

Combat Training

Considering the inspiration to write this came from the guy below, I felt it was a good idea to post some of his videos.

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