A week or so ago I made a survey for the Call of Duty Wiki Chat, on which I asked users who used the chat to express their opinions.

Generally, opinions on chat were favourable. Most people rated chat from 7-10 out of 10, which is something we can be pleased of. Also, they regarded the moderation of the chat as either good or excellent.

Scatter graph of chat ratings, notice most people rated chat 7 or above

There were a few concerns raised:

"There are times when there will be a high presence, but many of them are AFK."
Fair enough, this can happen but we're not done making chatmods, we can always make more if necessary.
"Too easy to spam, regardless of whether or not a chatmod is present. Simply copy-paste spamming is just too easy and you can just paste empty lines to blank everyone's screen. Too abusable, though I've only seen that happen once for myself."
Any chat system is quite easy to spam. Wikia Chat is no exception. The Call of Duty Wiki did not program the chat, and as such we cannot do anything to modify its functionality.
"Hey admin who's reading this, what's up? No problems with the chat except the lag that seems to happen every once in a while."
Not much is up here ;) The lag you're experiencing is an error with chat. Note that Chat still is not perfected, Wikia are going to be developing over time it to make it better (or so I hope).
"Perhaps be a little stricter with spam."
"People don't let me in their conversation :( "
I'm sorry to hear that, but please let a mod know through PM if you feel you're being left out. No one chats alone.

There were also 2 complaints raised about 2 different chat moderators. I won't let everyone know who they are, but they will be contacted.

Besides concerns, there was also a lot of praising, which is much appreciated by us all!

"I'd just like to say, I think the moderators/administrators..etc. are all, um, lovely, as are the users who come here. I mean, it's a very nice site...Just...It's nice. Thank you for reading."
"Every one does chat properly, m'kay?"
"No problems at all."
"Overall, the chat is very enjoyable. Most people are very nice, and the annoying ones get kicked. The admins do their job nicely."

Of course, with every survey released to the public, some people will try to troll it. Reznov115 and Xd1358, welcome to the wall of shame.

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey, your input was much appreciated and will help us in making chat even better for you guys!

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