So I've been here five years as of yesterday yay

I am aware that my activity has dwindled as of late but that's due to lots of schoolwork/college applications, Skyrim/BF4 getting me back into video games and also because I don't have Ghosts yet.

It's actually somewhat funny I talk about schoolwork - if all goes well I will be with Wikia throughout the entirety of high school, it is a funny feeling to be able to associate it with so much.

Anyways, at the risk of boring you with a speech, I pretty much just want to say that it's really been quite an experience to be able to watch this place become easily one of the best wikis on the web, and to have met so many interesting and hospitable people along the way. I've learned a lot too, real skills that I can put to use not only online but also in person.

I could list out specific users and give a personalized thank you to each one but that's not something I tend to do. Truth is, anyone who's done anything from a major page overhaul to simply enjoying reading our pages, has contributed in some way or another. And all contribution is important. There are, of course, very good friends of mine who I've grown close to over my time here - I hope all of you know who you are.

So cheers to you all. This wiki has a certain charm about it that I haven't been able to find anywhere else on Wikia. That's just one of the many reasons that no matter how inactive I become here, I'll always be happy to call this my home wiki.

See you around, and Happy Holidays!

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