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Hi all, here is the roundup of news this week.

Call of Duty

Pretty much nothing happened this week, probably because everyone is still playing Modern Warfare 2 3.

Call of Duty Wiki

We held a CoDference yesterday evening, which went pretty well and we got a lot of stuff discussed and talked over. The logs of the meeting can be found here, and minutes will be going up at some point here.

Shot became our newest admin on Monday.

Besides that, not much happened this week on the wiki besides the large amounts of editing, again probably due to everyone playing Modern Warfare 2.5 3.

Other news

Something we haven't looked at yet is the readership we got as MW3 was released. According to [Quantcast], we obtained 207k unique visitors on the 9th November, and served 1.8 million pages. This is down from last year when Black Ops was released, where we obtained 224k unique visitors and served 2.2 million pages. However, what we can see is that the spike of visitors caused by MW3's release lasted a few days longer than the spike of visitors caused by BO's release, so in the few days around the release of the game, we obtained more visitors this year than we did last year. <insert cheering here/>

As you may have noticed, the wiki logo has been modified with a "STOP CENSORSHIP" bar going across it. This is due to the SOPA and PROTECT IP bills that are currently going through the U.S. Congress, which, if passed, could lead to mass censorship of the internet, and is no light deal. For more information, check out this blog.

What would be a week without a new MLP episode? Check it out here (episode here). Epic song here.

Image of the week

Artist's depiction of the reaction of Battlelog forum users when Call of Duty is mentioned
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