When nominating, and voting for, a featured article, remember to look at the article. Not the subject of the article. It doesn't matter how well-known something is, if it has an excellent article, then it has a right to be featured.


Black Ops



  • Pictogram voting support Strong Support — Blawps is teh best game evers --XxIpLaYbLaCkOpSxX
  • Pictogram voting support Strong Support — Black Ops should be featured because it is the newest game in the series. --XxBLACKOPSMASTAxX
  • Pictogram voting support Support — Many people want to know about Black Ops so it should be featured. --XxImakegoodpointsIxX


  • Pictogram voting oppose Oppose — The article is in shambles, the trivia section is too long and the infobox is too tall. It's not one of our prime articles --That Guy Who Knows What He's Talking About

In this exaggerated yet valid example, the support votes really aren't valid. They do not look at the article, but at the subject of the article instead. The oppose votes is completely valid since it points out flaws in the article and has its vote based upon them.

Featured Articles are for us to show off our best content. Not to publicize any one article. Keep this in mind when nominating or voting for a featured article.

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