Let's get this straight first of all. If you like using Ghost, and if your feelings will be hurt from this blog, then don't read it. I'm not going to be responsible for your incapability to accept that Ghost is completely overpowered.

Ghost is bullcrap.

Those who think Ghost is acceptable use the argument that "we look at our map too much" or "it doesn't give much of a bonus" or "you rush too much".

All of these are invalid statements. Ghost's problem extends far beyond the fact it removes you from UAV.

Ghost gives you by far the greatest bonus in the game. Let's compare it against other Tier 1s.

  • Lightweight - Rubbish. Incredibly small bonus compared to Ghost.
  • Scavenger - Big bonus, you might say. Pick up another gun when you're out of ammo. Problem solved without wasting a perk.
  • Hardline - Ghost will get you the extra kill all the time since it removes you from UAV.
  • Flak Jacket - Ghost will protect you from most explosives unless someone throws a grenade at you because they saw you with their own eyes. You don't show up on UAV. You're protected from most explosives.

So as you can see Ghost's bonus extends far, far beyond the fact it removes you from radar. The fact that it can do at least half the job of at least 2 other tier one perks is absolutely unacceptable.

Another common counter-argument is "why don't you complain about UAV Jammer, Camouflage or Cold-Blooded?"

Answer - we don't need to.

All three of those competed with Juggernaut and Stopping power as a tier 2 perk. Those two perks kept the respective Ghost perk in check. Ghost has NO counter in this game. The 8-killstreak Blackbird can. Big wow, not everyone wants to waste a killstreak slot. I'm sick of having games where 4/6 of the enemy are hiding their asses from radar. I want no less than 5 dots to show up, and if I'm in a game where only 2 show up, I want a perk which allows me to kill them faster/survive for longer.

Watch this video:

Ghost explained 100%09:59

Ghost explained 100%

The only acceptable use of ghost is an anti-air class. But don't tell me everyone does that, because I've never seen any Ghost user even shoot down a UAV.

Think about it.

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