So yeah, continuing from the first part I made over a year ago, we're going to take a look at the perks.

Tier 1

  • Marathon - no infinite sprint, just lengthened.
  • Sleight of Hand - no issues here, except the pro version on sniper rifles being abused
  • Scavenger - no issues here
  • Bling - Different pro perk, so no bling on secondaries
  • One Man Army - limit to the amount of class changes per life, or the time taken to change extended

Tier 2

  • Stopping Power - No juggernaut to balance it, best bet would be to eliminate it from the game altogether, but if one looks closely, one can see that SP balances out weapons, so no issues here, actually
  • Lightweight - No issues here
  • Hardline - No issues here
  • Cold-Blooded - No issues here, the pro perk is so useless it balances out the normal effect
  • Danger Close - No issues here, unless paired with OMA and a GL

Tier 3

  • Commando - More than double the original lunge, pretty much game-breaking
  • Ninja - No issues here
  • SitRep - No issues here
  • Steady Aim - Should have no effect on sniper rifles
  • Scrambler - It helps the enemy more than it helps you, so it's absolutely pointless
  • Last Stand - Annoying but fairly easy to beat

So that's all for part 2, check out part 3 next year, where I will take a look at killstreaks!

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