Hello all and welcome to my third installation of how I would have balanced MW2. The first part came out 5 years ago and the second part came out almost 4 years ago, so clearly it is finally the right time to post part 3!


  • UAV Recon (3) - Easily the best killstreak in the game, this should maybe last a little shorter.
  • Counter-UAV (4) - Why not make this a 3 killstreak too?
  • Care Package (4) - The best thing you can get should be a Pave Low, not 11 or 15 killstreaks. Back in my day, people worked hard for their Chopper Gunners, employing really fair and balanced perks like One Man Army and Danger Close.
  • Sentry Gun (5) - This thing sucks ass, so it should be made a little more powerful.
  • Predator Missile (5) - Smaller. Blast. Radius. This thing shouldn't be a goddamn mini nuke when paired with Danger Close Pro. Has anyone ever tried steering this into the cave on Afghan? I have. IT NEVER WORKED
  • Precision Airstrike (6) - Standard air strike. Possibly the most balanced killstreak in the game. Maybe make a little more powerful to offset how good the Harrier is?
  • Harrier Strike (7) - The Harrier is pretty good, but this is offset by the ease it can be shot down. So not really so bad. Make the Harrier less powerful, probably; there is a huge jump in effectiveness from the Precision Airstrike to this and they are only 1 kill apart.
  • Attack Helicopter (7) - Again, this might be the most balanced killstreak in the game. Pretty good at killing people but also kinda easy to shoot down. It should stick around a little longer, maybe.
  • Emergency Airdrop (8) - You shouldn't be able to get an EMP from this. Also, add a timeout so other goons on your team can't steal YOUR hard earned packages. I don't care if it's fucking ammo, IT'S MINE. Okay, you can have the ammo. BUT NOTHING ELSE.
  • Pave Low (9) - Almighty Pave Low. This behemoth of a helicopter is really quite obscenely powerful and can often net more kills than the AC130. So it should be toned down a little; either it stays around less or the guns don't mow you down with 100% accuracy, all the time, every time.
  • Stealth Bomber (9) - Who the fuck uses this without getting it from a Care Package? Nobody. Because it sucks. I killed an entire enemy team with it at once, but I've done that with an M9 too. Make it kill people through buildings!
  • AC-130 (11) - Really fun, but actually kinda bad. It's really hard to aim this, especially the large gun, so to compensate it should have a larger blast radius. How come the small gun on this needs to reload but the Chopper Gunner can fire for as long as the asshole controlling it can keep his or her finger on the fire button?
  • Chopper Gunner (11) - If you have Danger Close Pro with this, you win the match. Nothing can stop you, hiding behind walls is useless because the blast radius per shot is basically the same as a frag grenade. Smaller blast radius!
  • EMP (15) - Counter UAVs do basically the same important job but requiring 11 less kills. Do the math. If someone can get a 15 kill streak, then the other team must suck anyway (seriously MW2 is really not that hard), so let them suffer by making their attachments useless for the whole match. Get rid of the blurry vision though, people don't suffer instant cataracts from EMPs.
  • Tactical Nuke (25) - No one man should have all that power. Just remove it. On the other hand, if the other team lets someone get a 25 killstreak, then they deserve to lose anyway.

Well, that's it for this installation of How I would balance MW2 by Callofduty4 (ISBN 9781865130682). I have full faith that Infinity Ward will be making changes to MW2 soon to accommodate these suggestions. The next edition, out in roughly 4-10 years, will cover grenades and other equipment. See you all next time!

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