When I got Black Ops the day it came out, I thought it was pretty good. But then I thought that it was really bad after I played online for about 1 day total. However, after playing some more, and letting patches come through, I realised that, compared to some other CoD games, BO is actually a great CoD game.

These are some of the reasons BO is a great game.

  1. The campaign is original, pieced together well, and has a very odd yet enthralling sci-fi story. It's really good. Hallucinations which kill people in the campaign? Sweet. Only finding out said hallucination is a hallucination in one of the best cutscenes in any CoD game? Even better. Tons of drama and impact.
  2. SPAS-12, AUG, G11. What do the three weapons have in common? Answer: They are awesome. A lot of new guns came with BO, and a lot of returning favourites which were modified slightly. Flamethrower attachment? How awesome. Variable zoom scope? The first truly useful sniper rifle attachment. That's only the tip of the iceberg.
  3. Every weapon in the game is balanced. The Ak47u, Famas, AUG, Galil, all are balanced. If you can't beat anyone using those weapons (and say every other weapon "sucks"), then the truth is - you're not good enough at the game. Stop putting down a game which you're just not good enough to play it. The Famas and AUG burn through ammo, whereas the Galil, AK47 and Commando can kill in two shots to the head at close-mid range. They are all balanced.
  4. The ending was incredible. Once again, your character put an end to a cruel pensioner, except it was done in a much more cool way in BO. Throwing a knife into someone's face? Cliche. Drowning someone in a foot of water, then swimming from an underwater control tower, and emerging from the water to be greeted by a fantastic character, a backdrop of Navy ships and some good music? Now that's an ending.

So, it's back to BO - the three other CoD games I've played on PS3 don't cut it, even CoD4, because it's hacked to hell and back. BO was just awesome after 5 patches on a load of levels, and I can't believe the makers of a poor-ass game like WaW would follow up with something like Black Ops.

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