New Modern Warfare 3 game modes will be going live today, 16th December.

The new modes include Drop Zone, Hardcore Headquarters Ricochet, and turning all Hardcore modes into Hardcore Ricochet.

Drop Zone is a new mode where players must occupy a drop zone to earn the 7500 points required to win the game. Also, a care package will drop into the map every 15 seconds - the team with the most people in the drop zone will "own" the care package, but anyone can steal it. These care packages are the only way of getting pointstreak rewards in this game mode - all others are disabled.

Hardcore Headquarters Ricochet is being added to the Hardcore Team Tactical playlist.

Hardcore Ricochet is Infinity Ward's answer to excessive teamkilling - all hardcore modes will be converted to this. So next time you try to kill your teammate, you'll end up killing yourself.

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