Hello everyone,

It may be of a surprise that I still exist here. At least on the Discord server I do. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago, I made a rather crazy chain of mistakes that I'd like to apologize for.

The first thing was making someone a mod on the server without any discussion. The reason I did this was because I had no idea the server went "official", replacing the Wikia Chat chatroom. I thought the server was still in the test phase since I hadn't checked the forum in a while. Even still I should have at least asked.

The second thing I did was much worse and has no excuse. Instead of listening to other users' concerns, I ignored them and lashed out by making everyone a mod on the server. After being banned and given a chance to come back, I still instigated bad feelings instead of just owning my mistakes and apologizing.

So I'd like to make it right this time and apologize to everyone who saw it and everyone who didn't but knows about it now. I also especially want to apologize to Sam for making him get out of bed to deal with my nonsense and FireBird- for making them feel like he lost a friend. I hope that there is still room for some forgiveness over time.

With love, Cod4

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