Mark Rubin recently sent this tweet:

Hey everyone! Just got back from a long time on the road for work and there is a lot going on, obviously. We’re still in launch mode at the studio as PS4 and XboxONE are still to come. But I did want to say that we are listening to all of the feedback and are collecting it all together to address internally. We’re working on fixes as fast as possible, (which can still take some time with the submission processes) so hang in there. We know one of the biggest requests has been adding S&D to the public playlists which is something we had planned on doing but have decided to up the timeframe, so we’ll be adding it to the playlist on Friday, Nov. 15th. Thanks again everyone for a great launch and I will try and keep the updates flowing. Be sure to check out @infinityward for updates as well.
— Mark Rubin

So it looks like Search and Destroy will be coming back soon due to popular request, and IW preparing for the PS4 and Xbox One launch.

What do you think? Glad IW is listening to fans? Happy to see S&D back in the game? Tell us in the comments below!

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