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Stuff from CoD4 you may not have known


Various tidbits of trivia which I found pretty cool while looking through the files:



  • AC-130 and tactical insertion were supposed to be in multiplayer, but taken out in very early stages
  • There is a weapon file for the .50cal Humvee turret


  • The M1911 used to kill Al-Asad, and the M1911 Griggs uses while shooting at Zakhaev in game over, have individual weapon files separate from the normal M1911
  • There is a weapon file called cod3mg42_turret that uses a variety of MG42 and M249 SAW variables
  • There are 4 individual weapon files for 4 different RPGs
  • There are 3 individual weapon files for 3 different Stingers


  • There is a file called compass_flag_german.iwi which when viewed is a German WW2 flag
    • There is also several MP icons with the German insignia on them.
  • There are two victory screens, one for SAS and for USMC:
  • There are menu items for every gun attachment variation in the game, though some are unfinished, and some represent weapons not possible in-game (such as an M1014 with grip and RDS). They also appear to be more detailed than the final versions of the menu icons:
  • The multiplayer menu screen background from CoD1 still exists in the files, as does the CoD2 logo
  • Thermite and Sticky Bomb exist in the files as inventory icons
  • There are HUD texture files denoting full-auto and semi-auto firing modes
    • Several unused campaign minimaps have the string "M4 Carbine Full Auto" on them.

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